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Kitchen Laura with cooker (box)


The kitchen is equipped with a backlit electronic hob. There are 4 buttons on the panel: two for switching on the right and left burners. One button turns on the sound of the hood, the second – 3 entertaining tunes. Turning on the burner activates the backlight, after which the sound of “frying” appears. 2 seconds after turning off the burner, the sound turns off, then the backlight goes out. The kit also includes:

pan – 1 pc.,
pan – 1 pc.,
glass – 1 pc.,
saucers – 2 pcs.,
knife – 1 pc.,
spoon – 1 pc.,
fork – 1 pc.,
toy children’s radiotelephone – 1 pc.,
French fries – 1 pc.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 41.5 × 28 × 54 cm


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