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Trimarc walker w. playbar


Thanks to two additional removable swivel wheels in front of the gurney, the baby can ride along the path of the walker, holding on to the panel-organizing and legs to set the direction of movement. Unlike walkers, the child sits on a gurney but is not in a suspended position. Additional swivel wheels allow the child to push and move in different directions, thereby training different muscle groups. When the baby grows up and is able to independently control the gurney, holding the steering wheel, the guard panel, additional swivel wheels should be removed, and the gurney will take the form of a two-wheeled gondola-motorcycle. The height of the landing is 26 cm. Such skating promotes the development of general coordination of movement, a sense of balance, and strengthening the muscles of the baby.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 45 × 49 cm


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