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Gigant truck crane truck

  • Gigant crane truck has a stylish design and looks like a real truck
  • Crane on a turntable will allow you to deploy a real construction site
  • Retractable boom will allow the delivery of goods to the upper floors
  • The toy is made of durable and safe material
  • Large wheels provide good flotation on various surfaces
  • Creative and great way to spend time with your family
  • EN certified safe for baby’s health
  • Use food colors and high quality plastic
  • Made in Belarus


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The “Stalker” series of vehicles is represented by special vehicles: a dump truck, a flatbed awning truck, a container truck, a timber truck, a flatbed awning truck with a trailer, a dump truck with a semi-trailer, a truck with a tank semi-trailer, a flatbed truck, and others.

The crane car is equipped with a rotating platform, which allows the child to make the game more realistic. Also contributes to this toy coloring, which imitates the color of this working machinery.

The crane arm extends with a mechanical wheel. At the end of the boom there is a hook that allows you to move various objects during the game.

Playing with cars awakens a child’s interest in learning about technology and develops spatial thinking. The toy is made of quality materials and has bright colors. Durable construction is another plus of the cars of this series.