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Omega airplane (box)

  • Rounded shape and stylish design
  • The aircraft cockpit has one seat and a dashboard.
  • Design of the aircraft assumes the presence of a chassis with wheels.
  • The aircraft is presented in three colors: red-yellow, gray-blue and white-turquoise.
  • Creative and great way to spend time with your family
  • EN certified safe for baby’s health
  • Use food colors and high quality plastic
  • Made in Belarus


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The plane “Omega” from the factory “Polesie” is a toy, which has a rounded shape and stylish design. The airplane propeller is movable, which makes the game more realistic and exciting. The cockpit of the plane has one seat and an instrument panel. Also the design of the airplane assumes the presence of the landing gear with wheels. This allows you to move the toy on a flat surface and help create different game scenarios. The plane is available in three colors: red-yellow, gray-blue and white and turquoise.