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Popy ride on bike

  • Large bucket,
  • large strainer No. 2,
  • shovel No. 6,
  • rake No. 6,
  • 2 molds,
  • small watering can No. 4
  • EN certified safe for baby’s health
  • Use food colours and high quality plastic


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The “Crocodile” wheelchair from the “Polesie” company is equipped with four wide spherical wheels and a comfortable seat back, which allows the child to safely move on the “Crocodile” by pushing off the legs.

The gurney is made of high quality materials. There is a storage space under the seat for toys. The set with “Crocodile” comes with 7 geometric shapes.

The backrest and the body of the gurney are equipped with special holes corresponding to the shape of geometric figures. Due to this, the functionality of the gurney is expanded. The toy is becoming more versatile. Playing with the Crocodile wheelchair helps the child develop not only coordination, balance and dexterity, but also participates in the formation of primary ideas about the objects of the surrounding world, their shape, size and color.

The time spent with a toy from the company “Polesie” contributes to the all-round development of the child, and helps to get him positive bright emotions.