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Traffic Police Moscow inertia car

  • Large bucket,
  • large strainer No. 2,
  • shovel No. 6,
  • rake No. 6,
  • 2 molds,
  • small watering can No. 4
  • EN certified safe for baby’s health
  • Use food colours and high quality plastic


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The DPS Moscow car has several distinctive features. Firstly, the car is made of materials that provide excellent appearance and reliability of the product. Secondly, the inertial mechanism and rubberized wheels make the car truly racing. Attention! The inertial mechanism works like this: taking the car in hand, you should accelerate the wheels on the surface (floor) in the FORWARD direction, then let go of the car and the car will show you its racing capabilities! Thirdly, the car will retain its original appearance for a long time, since the inscriptions are printed on the product itself and, unlike stickers, will not be erased when the car is washed several times. And, of course, the design of a racing car will appeal to every car lover. The collection of inertial cars can be supplemented with other cars of this series: “DPS Minsk