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Wheel tractor with pedals “Turbo”

The child will be able to independently connect or disconnect the trailer. A mini-tractor semi-trailer can be used to transport crops, various loads or materials, tools. Landing height – 410 mm. Riding on pedal carts and bicycles contributes to the development of coordination of movements,


10 in stock

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The “Turbo” pedal tractor-tractor with a semitrailer is designed for children from 3 years old and weighing no more than 50 kg. A removable semi-trailer is supplied with the tractor. The Turbo is great for indoor and outdoor play. Such a toy will appeal to a young farmer or just a lover of technology. The mechanism that sets the gurney in motion is a chain. The wheels are plastic, on the rear wheels there are rubber pads for better shock absorption. You can also attach a semi-trailer to the mini-tractor, which is supplied with the “Turbo” gurney.