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Volcano, tractor-loader

  • Tractorloader-indispensable equipment on any farm and construction.
  • It is equipped with a wide bucket for digging sand and small pebbles.
  • Eyes located on the windshield.
  • EN certified safe for baby’s health
  • Use food colours and high quality plastic
  • Made in Belarus


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Modern children love to play with tractors, various mechanisms and special equipment, often turning their game into a real construction site. The tractor-loader “Volcano” will be an indispensable helper for your kid. The toy has a movable bucket. With such a tractor, you can load and unload, dig holes and trenches. The reliable tractor on metal wheel axles is suitable for playing in the sandbox as well as at home. Color options: white-green, white-orange, white-blue. Tractors and other special equipment acquaint children with the principles of functioning of various mechanisms, develop spatial thinking.